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What is serious fun?

It’s research driven solutions for the most critical STEM learning needs. It’s engaging, entertaining experiences that teachers and students actually WANT to participate in. It’s how we make sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed at STEM, as well as the chance to love it as much as we do. Serious fun is our not-so-secret sauce, and it has four main ingredients.

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We are precisely focused on mission-critical STEM learning needs.

All STEM education is important. But some STEM skills and knowledge are more challenging to understand, more difficult to teach, or more foundational to future learning. Students who build these foundations can use them to succeed at more advanced math and science challenges. Students who don’t get them will struggle until they do.

ExploreLearning focuses not only on STEM education but on the most critical challenges within it. The ones that are crucial to a student’s ability to progress in the classroom and enjoy greater opportunity beyond. The ones that are most difficult for teachers to solve on their own. These are exactly the areas we zero in on and solve, because that’s how we help both teachers and students succeed.

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We create learning educators know they can count on.

Our team includes a diverse range of professionals, each expert in their respective fields. Educators and developers, scientists and mathematicians, instructional and visual designers, content experts, analysts, and more – we work together to redefine what’s possible in the digital learning space.We take performance seriously, using research to guide development, ongoing testing to guide improvement, and support to ensure educator success. Add in a healthy dose of creativity, and it’s how we deliver solutions that are as effective as they are fun.

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We create experiences that students and teachers are excited to use.

The best learning solutions do more than just enable or empower their users. They excite. They tap into something emotional, driving motivation and persistence, giving users a sense of accomplishment, and inspiring them to use what they’ve learned in new ways. Through interactive and intuitive experiences, our solutions make STEM real and tangible while simultaneously sparking imagination. They not only entertain, but challenge, encourage, and reward, allowing teachers and students to see and celebrate progress.

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We create confident explorers.

At its core, STEM is about exploration. And we are explorers. We thrive on the ability and opportunity to ask why. To discover answers, expand understanding, and make our world just a little bigger each and every day.It’s our goal to share the power of exploration with everyone we engage, and to help them love it just as much as we do. We give learners the confidence they need to try, to persist, and to continually conquer the unknown.

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It all started with an idea.
And a guy. A guy named Dave…

Check out the short(ish) version of how ExploreLearning came to be.

Our Story

Meet the people making it happen.

Across all areas and levels of our business, our people are what make success possible.

Our Team

Employee Spotlight

Dianne Schramm

Marketing Content Specialist

“My grandmother worked in STEM in the medical field. She had a thirst for knowledge, always wanting to learn about the latest research or newest innovations in medicine. My curiosity is a direct result of her influence.”

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Employee Spotlight

Alec McElroy

Customer Success Manager

“STEM education promotes critical thinking and curiosity. And positive change starts with asking questions. To give students a strong foundation in STEM education is to give them the tools to change the world! ”

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Employee Spotlight

Mangai Neelavannan

Learning Architect

“STEM education is like the Swiss Army knife of knowledge – it equips you with tools to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. With the rapid advancements in technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), STEM skills are more important than ever. STEM education is the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities and shaping the course of our collective future.”

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Employee Spotlight

Rachel Person

Sales Operations and Sales Manager

“What big STEM accomplishment do you think we’ll see happen in the next 100 years, and why are you excited about it?Growing organs! No more waiting list for people who need it. ”

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Employee Spotlight

Steve Geinitz

Account Executive

“What do you like about working at EL? Seeing the excitement on students’ faces when I visit with my customers and knowing our products help them succeed. ”

Meet Steve Geinitz! About Us | ExploreLearning (17)

Employee Spotlight

Casey Chafouleas

Creative Director

“I often say I 'make things pretty' because to me, the beauty is in finding solutions.”

Meet Casey Chafouleas! About Us | ExploreLearning (18)

Employee Spotlight

Mario Junco

Senior Implementation Coordinator

“I love seeing the looks on kids faces when they “get it” when modeling Gizmo lessons for their teachers.”

Meet Mario Junco! About Us | ExploreLearning (19)

Employee Spotlight

Jef Freydl

Senior Digital Designer

“I love the way we are pushing education forward and helping kids to enjoy learning.”

Meet Jef Freydl! About Us | ExploreLearning (20)

Employee Spotlight

Jodi Barber-Harris

Senior Implementation Manager

“My team is supportive, collaborative, and passionate about helping teachers and students.”

Meet Jodi Barber-Harris! About Us | ExploreLearning (21)

Employee Spotlight

Heather Chambers

Engineering Project Manager

“I try to focus on creating space for people to feel seen, heard, and valued.”

Meet Heather Chambers! About Us | ExploreLearning (22)

Employee Spotlight

Jason Kopish

Regional Sales Director

“I try and enjoy every situation to its fullest.”

Meet Jason Kopish! About Us | ExploreLearning (23)

Employee Spotlight

LaTonya Lewis

Order Entry Team Lead

“I believe STEM education is important because as the world evolves, we need to as well.”

Meet LaTonya Lewis! About Us | ExploreLearning (24)

Employee Spotlight

Joseph Brudlos

Art Director

“It’s great to work in a company where you are part of an effective team.”

Meet Joseph Brudlos! About Us | ExploreLearning (25)

Employee Spotlight

Alice Johnson Kelly

Senior Account Executive

“The best part about my job is hands down the people I work with daily!”

Meet Alice Johnson Kelly! About Us | ExploreLearning (26)

Employee Spotlight

Trista Straube

Professional Development Area Operations Manager

“On this team, I have felt like there are no limits to my growth, and I am wholeheartedly supported in anything I seek out for my own professional development.”

Meet Trista Straube! About Us | ExploreLearning (27)

Employee Spotlight

Shauna Kirkland

Digital Marketing Specialist

“I really enjoy getting to work with a team that has a sense of camaraderie where everyone is welcome to openly share ideas, solutions, passions, and feedback.”

Meet Shauna Kirkland! About Us | ExploreLearning (28)

Employee Spotlight

Brian Capps

Sr Dev Ops Engineer

“STEM will apply to almost every job that will be available in the future. Automation and machinery will be the way things are done. ”

Meet Brian Capps! About Us | ExploreLearning (29)

Employee Spotlight

Marie Wagner

Professional Development Administrator

“I truly feel valued and listened to no matter who I am talking to.”

Meet Marie Wagner! About Us | ExploreLearning (30)

Employee Spotlight

Amanda Wilson

Senior Implementation Coordinator

“I love visiting the classroom for leadership events. Experiencing the enthusiasm of teachers and students is inspirational! ”

Meet Amanda Wilson! About Us | ExploreLearning (31)

Employee Spotlight

Sophie Solzbach

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

“I love seeing how our products improve outcomes for kids! Getting to see and share new efficacy research and data on our products is also super exciting to me.”

Meet Sophie Solzbach! About Us | ExploreLearning (32)

Employee Spotlight

Jennifer Kendrick

Account Executive – Southern California

“ By promoting STEM education, we can inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.”

Meet Jennifer Kendrick! About Us | ExploreLearning (33)

Employee Spotlight

Allison Davis

Marketing Content Specialist

“I’m passionate about STEM education because it prepares students for the exciting and unknown careers of the future. ”

Meet Allison Davis! About Us | ExploreLearning (34)

Success Story

Success Story: QSTSS Transforms STEM Education with Gizmos

Discover how Qatar Science & Technology Secondary School for boys uses Gizmos to enhance STEM education, boost student engagement, and more.

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June 10, 2024 Reflex was selected for the 2024 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. Read for all the details.
May 23, 2024 ExploreLearning Gizmos won the 2024 CODiE Award for Best STEM Instructional Solution for Grades K–12.


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