Lost Lands 3 Walkthrough - The Golden Curse (2024)

The Lost Lands 3 The Golden Curseare in utter chaos. The blame lies with the druids, although their curse is in addition toother threatsthat you will have to face.Susan stars in a very well spun story through fun gameplay. Check the following Lost Lands 3 walkthrough.

Chapter 1: Around the Druid Valley

A cinematic shows the character dressed in exploration clothing, entering a kind of valley with the only help of a flashlight.When he found a tomb, he did not hesitate to open it, finding insidea corpseand a chest with a lot of gold.

What most attracts the character’s attention is a key.After picking it up, heis almost instantly petrified.At the same time, a winged creature undergoes the opposite procedure.That is to say, his body ceases to be made of stone and begins his flight.

Important: look atthe medallionthat is hanging.It will be momentous throughout the first chapter.This is demonstrated by the following scene in which a woman observes the symbol of the pendant in a mirror that shows a strange effect.After approaching him, she is swallowed up by the whole.

The teleportation takes its toll on Susan, who appearsconfused and disorientedin a very different place.It is now when the gameplay itself begins.

To make itless difficult for you to pass the game, itis essential to click ‘Yes’ when the tutorial message appears.In this way, you will participate in a small initial guide that will be invaluable to you.

The first thing that you will learn in the tutorial is theinteractions with objects and elements in general.In addition, you will internalize how important the journal is, in which relevant aspects of Lost Lands: The Golden Curse will be noted.

When you read note number one you will see that the woman already remembers having been in that scenario before.Specifically, they are the Lost Lands.Don’t forget torefer to each sheetwhenever you can so you don’t miss any elementary pieces of the plot.

In this case, the storyline begins with the girl seeing smoke and hearing various people.His intention is to reach them so that they can explainwhat he does in that area.

Chapter 2: Floating Islands

After solving the puzzle of the clouds, the second episode begins, which begins practically the same as the first.In this case, the protagonist involuntarily teleports from some stairs to another setting, islands that harbor amultitude of mysteries.

By now you should havesix items in your inventory.On the other hand, the tracks will become your main ally.And the first episode is not too complex, but the Floating Islands puzzles are much more difficult.It is convenient that you use them whenever you deem appropriate.

The small aids that Lost Lands: The Golden Curse provides you do not diminish the feeling of progressing on your own, since they only provide you with thebasic and necessary informationso as not to get stuck in any phase of the game.

Finishing Floating Islands is synonymous with sharing a natural space with several horses.At the bottom there isa wellto which you must place the last missing piece to be complete.It will be then when the protagonist will look at it in order to observe some steps that have appeared.

Chapter 3: Underground

The title of the episode could not be more accurate.The protagonist makes use of the steps todescend through the well, which takes the aforementioned to a rather gloomy underground area.

The first thing that will catch your attention is a kind of boat, although the most important thing is what is on top of it.An item will be added to your inventory, which will be crucial tofurther progress in the adventure.

Approximately when you get to the middle of the episode, you will find yourself with arather complex puzzle, especially for not knowing exactly how to proceed when painting the sculpture that you will find.It is a dwarf who keeps his ax upright.

The weapon must be, from top to bottom, red, sky blue and dark on the left / right, red and finally purple.On the other hand, the white helmet, the yellow armor, the brown pants and the black boots.

At the end of the episode you will geta keywith which you can interact, specifically with one of the parts present in the boat from the beginning.Remember to click on the chain to get the item that will give you access to the penultimate episode.

Chapter 4: Castle of Madness

Advancing through the underground you end up arriving at the Castle of Madness, which is also located in the basem*nt.It is an environment full of myths, legends and mysteries.One of them is related to thenon-presence of humans , who have never entered these facilities.

And it is not for less, since they are property of the Order of the Mad Men.In the place there are the most labyrinthine areas, while the doors hide various enigmas that you will have to solve.Fortunately, gates are capable ofgranting miracles.

The main objective is to reach the deepest area of ​​the castle, since The Safe is located there.It is a place inhabited by a character who makesmagic items.

When you actuate a mechanism with your foot, you will see a pendulum and thena minotaurthat does not have the face of good friends.Susan, together with the girl, will have to find a way to access the interior of the cabin.

Chapter 5: From the Grave

As expected, to finish Lost Lands: The Golden Curse, yes or yes, you will have to take advantage ofthe cluesthat the game can give you.For this purpose, do not hesitate to press the enabled button in the lower right corner of the interface.

As indicated in the first of the tracks, at the top left there is awindow with barsto which you must zoom.There you will see a lever.Pull it down to hit the wall and get the first surprise.

After interacting with a chest full of treasures, the fifth and final chapter concludes withone of the most impressivecutscenes in Lost Lands: The Golden Curse.Two people try to fight the golem of stone and fire, but are defeated.Then, the lava takes over the stage and knocks part of it down along with the creature.

All good, right?Yes, except that several characters, including children, are in trouble.Susan makes theright choice: head to the portal instead of trying to save so many people.

That all you need to know, you can finish Lost Lands 3 walkthrough, The Golden Curse. Let us a comment if you like it or need anything.

Lost Lands 3 Walkthrough - The Golden Curse (2024)
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