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This section of IGN's Destiny 2: The Witch Queen guide features a walkthrough of the fifth Campaign mission titled The Mirror. Below you'll find requirements to begin as well as a full walkthrough of the mission.

The Mirror - Walkthrough

The Mirror is the fifth Campaign mission of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion. After completing the previous mission The Communion, you'll unlock The Mirror by speaking to Ikora Rey. This mission can be located in the Quagmire area of the Throne World destination. Simply head to the marked location on your map and interact with the banner to begin. Both Standard and Legendary difficulties have a recommended Power level of 1420, although Legendary offers better rewards.


Your first task when you begin is to locate the Psychic Concentration. Hop on your sparrow and follow the path to the marked location. You'll encounter a group of enemies and a glowing orange shielded object in the air.

Defeat the enemies in the area and shoot the spike once the shield drops to destroy it. Head back outside and across the marsh into the broken circular building. Shoot the spike within to drop the orange barrier on the left.

Head down into the tunnels and follow the pathway down towards the Quest marker. Just up ahead, you'll find a group of Scorn enemies waiting for you. Defeat them all and interact with the nearby Deepsight orb to reveal the path forward.

Pass through the caves until you reach the circular room with a Deepsight orb in the center. When you drop down into the arena, a group of enemies will spawn in. Defeat them.

Following the fight, you'll notice the door is blocked, as well as the ground, with spikes hidden behind them. Interact with the Deepsight orb in the center of the room to reveal a hidden cave entrance on the left side of the room.

Head into the caves and platform your way through the cavern, using Deepsight orbs to reveal additional platforms.

At the top of the cavern, you'll enter a room with a group of enemies and a spike to destroy. Once broken, it will open up a nearby barrier. Head into the cave and you'll emerge in another circular room with a Deepsight orb at the center. Interact with it to reveal three additional cave entrances: one to the left, one in the middle, and one on the right.


Head into the left and middle caves, killing the enemies within and destroying both spikes. Use the Deepsight orb nearby to reveal the path forward. Follow the tunnel straight through and you'll emerge in a large room with two statues at the front.

Defeat all the enemies at the back of the room and utilize the Deepsight orb in the center in between the two statues. You're looking for three spikes in this room to drop the barrier on the righthand side.

The first spike is above a platform directly above the Deepsight orb, the second is on the left side of the room tucked into the wall, and the final one is underneath the ground to the left of the orange barrier.

After all three have been destroyed, the way forward will open behind the barrier. Head through the tunnel and you'll arrive back in the central room. Destroy the spike in the middle of the floor to open the large door's barrier up ahead. Head through the door and follow the tunnels down to another large arena room.

When you enter, head towards the back platform and you'll find a Rally Banner point to refill ammo and abilities before jumping into the fight. Once you're ready to start, shoot the spike behind the barricade and a number of Scorn enemies will spawn in.

The main enemy you're looking to kill is Skirvaa, Abhorred Cheiftain, along with the rest of the Scorn enemies. You should be fine hanging out on the back platform and using the barricades for cover. Just keep an eye out for the Raiders on the side of the room as their long-range sniper shots can take you out if you're not prepared.

Occasionally, there will be wells of light that appear on the ground. You can walk through them to have some ability energy instantly restored if you're in a pinch. Once the enemies have been defeated, grab the loot and use the Deepsight orb to reveal a glowing green symbol on the ground.


You'll need to jump up on the platform behind you and up to the hanging lamp structure to align the image, which happens to be the Witch Queen logo. After scanning it, head through the portal at the edge of the bridge to be transported to the Altar of Reflection.

Proceed through the halls and pass through the glowing portal in the center of the next major area. You'll be instantly transported to a room with a circular structure in the center. Approach and interact with it to view Sagira's memory and complete this mission.

You'll be taken back to the Throne World after the countdown timer. Head back to Fynch and speak to him to unlock the next Quest step for the Campaign, unlocking The Lightblade Strike.

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